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IVF Center in Jaipur

ZiviaIVF is Best IVF Specialist Center in Jaipur. We believe in weaving miracles every day and bestowing the gift of life so that couples can fulfill their journey to complete a family. We have the best IVF specialist in Jaipur and offer a wide range of fertility treatments, IVF, and ICSI in Jaipur.

We are among the Top 5 IVF centers in Jaipur and aim to provide personalized and holistic care to every patient. The advanced IVF clinic has additional facilities like embryo freezing & donor egg IVF. The success rate for IVF in 3 cycle package is 73%. The easy EMI option helps in bearing IVF costs & achieve parenthood without any financial burden. ICSI in Jaipur-Intracytoplasmic sperm insemination is the preferred procedure to achieve high success.

Best IVF center in Jaipur

The IVF center in Jaipur has been providing the best treatments for infertility. It is one of the leading IVF centers in India. The IVF specialist in Jaipur uses the latest technologies to treat patients with infertility issues. The IVF center in Jaipur offers high-quality treatment at affordable rates. IVF clinic in Jaipur is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, which help us to treat our patients effectively. We offer medical as well as clinical services for fertility treatment at our clinic. Our team of experts can provide you with complete information about your health condition and various fertility treatments available to you.

IVF center in Jaipur & inFERTILITY EXPERTS

ivf expert

Dr. Niket

MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

ivf expert

Dr. Molina

MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

fertility experts

Dr. Paresh Kumar

MD (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
IVF fertility expert Richa Aninani Ahluwalia

Dr. Richa Ahluwalia

M.S. (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

IVF fertility expert fertility experts infertility expert ivf expert

Dr. Girraj
Prasad ​​

DNB(Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

infertility expert

Dr. Harsha Bhadarka



IVF or In-vitro fertilization

IVF or In-vitro fertilization

IVF is the original ‘test-tube baby technique. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the Best IVF center in Jaipur and the process of fertilizing eggs with sperm outside of the human body. These fertilized eggs (embryos) are then placed in the uterus of the woman, thereby bypassing the fallopian tubes. Read More..

Hormonals Assessment

Hormonal assessment

Assessing hormones influence sexual function. Our fertility experts study all the underlying suspected conditions associated with sexual dysfunction and help the couple with hormonal investigations such as estradiol serum testosterone, thyroid function testing and many IVF specialist in Jaipur. Read More..

IUI OR Intrauterine insemination

IUI OR Intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an assisted reproductive technique by which washed and processed sperms will be inseminated into the uterine cavity at the time of ovulation and This is the Best IVF center in Jaipur. Read More..

Donor IVF Services

Donor IVF Services

At Zivia, we help the couple with donor services as well, and our donor services include, sperm donation, egg donation, and embryo donation services. All our donor services are law-abiding and according to medical standards. Read More..


ICSI in Jaipur

ICSI-Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Insemination is advanced version of IVF which is nowadays routinely practiced procedure to increase the success rate of IVF treatment. Zivia IVF Center in Jaipur uses this technique & uses best available instruments to perform ICSI in Jaipur.

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Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis using small incisions with the aid of a camera, the incisions are made in the naval region. The laparoscope aids diagnosis or therapeutic interventions with a few small cuts in the abdomen. Read More..



Hysteroscopy is a surgery done using a hysteroscope (a thin, lighted tube that is inserted inside the vagina to check the cervix and inside of the uterus). The procedure aids in getting a closer look at the cervix and uterus and diagnosing the cause of the problem. Read More..

Advance Technologies

Advance Technology

Zivia IVF Center in Jaipur has best in class technology. Reproductive Genetic Screening, PGD, DNA Fragmentation, ICSI, Micro fluids, Embryo freezing, Regenerative Medicine, couple counseling and Acupuncture. All these techniques escalate chances of pregnancy. Read More.

IVF Success Rate

IVF success rate is dependent on many factors & this is one of the most important factor in choosing the best IVF Center in Jaipur. The factors which decide the IVF success rate includes mother age, experience of IVF specialist, expertise of embryologist at IVF center. With more that 30 years of experience Zivia IVF has achieved success rate of 73% in 3 cycle package of IVF. Also the ICSI has helped us to increase the success rate of IVF cycle.
Zivia IVF has India's best IVF specialist, Dr. Nayana Patel. She and her team of IVF specialists help couple conceive with ease.

IVF Cost

The cost of IVF treatment in Jaipur depends on several factors such as the experience of the IVF doctor, the location of the center, the success rate of IVF treatment, the number of attempts taken, and the level of complications naturally conceiving. Generally the cost of IVF includes the medications, injection, and other additional costs. The IVF cost differs from city to city and therefore, couples prefer to take treatment from a center where they are getting quality treatment at an affordable cost. It is important to analyze the various factors and the respective cost, to get the best results.

IVF Clinic in Jaipur, ivf process start to finish
IVF Clinic in Jaipur

What is IVF

Best IVF Clinic in Jaipur

IVF ICSI Center in Jaipur

IVF Process

IVF Process-Explained

IVF has been around many and you most likely already know the IVF and the use of IVF in infertility treatment. The basic idea behind IVF is uniting or fertilizing female eggs and sperm outside the body. But there are multiple steps that happen before and after that. Here’s a closer look at the IVF process in simple steps.

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What is Oligospermia

Oligospermia is a type of male infertility condition found in men with low sperm count in their semen. A healthy amount of sperm in a man is usually required for successful conception of pregnancy. As per by WHO, oligospermia is defined as sperm count is less than 15 million sperm per ml

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PCOD Treatment

PCOD Treatment

In vitro fertilization, or IVF for PCOD Some patients with PCOD may have fertility issues due to the poor quality of the eggs. In this case, IVF is recommended.

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