Dr. Nayana H. Patel 

Surrogacy and Infertility Expert, 

Medical Director 


Dr. Nayana Patel is the director of Zivia IVF Center, Anand, Gujarat, India. Dr. Patel had started the IVF centre “Zivia IVF Center” in the small town of Gujarat in 1991, to give a helping hand with modern techniques to many infertile couples. Since then till now more than 15,000 IVF babies are born by her treatment. She started treatment with surrogacy in 2003. The first surrogacy case of Dr. Patel was Asia’s first and world’s 5th case of surrogate grandmother. Her practice in the field of IVF and surrogacy is well recognized globally. 

Dr. Nayna Patel has passed her MBBS and MD with five gold medals. She has attended the scientific programme and IVF workshops at National University, Singapore in 1996. She has been to various IVF centres in the USA, South Korea, UK etc. for training in the field of IVF technology.

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