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Fertility is something that many people care about, but we all know that a woman’s ability to conceive a child may be limited.

Around 90% of a woman’s eggs are thought to be gone by the age of 37, reducing her chances of becoming pregnant.

Egg-freezing is one of the most miraculous medical advancements that has happened in recent years and is proving to be revolutionary in dealing with fertility and conception issues. The process has been quite prevalent in the West, but it is now garnering a lot of popularity in India as well.

33-year-old Upasana Kamineni, an entrepreneur and the wife of Telugu film actor Ram Charan recently spoke about the decision to freeze their eggs in the very initial phase of their marriage as they wanted to be financially secure before commencing a family. Upasana is now expecting her first baby, and they feel extremely happy and satisfied about their decision to freeze eggs in advance.They were certain that they needed to focus on their careers at that time for a variety of reasons. Today, both of them are in a stable position where they can afford to bring up the child with the income they are generating and provide the child with a decent lifestyle and stability.
Story of Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan

Why the hype in Egg-Freezing?

Many celebrities worldwide are now preferring the idea of storing their eggs. This helps them overcome the ‘age and fertility’ factor, aids them in focusing on their careers and renders an opportunity to reserve good quality eggs. They have been substantially open about the process and have publicly discussed their decisions to freeze their eggs, drawing attention to the issue and helping to reduce the stigma around it.

In fact, renowned actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently shared her experience of freezing her eggs in her early 30s, emphasizing the positive impact it had on her life and career. She expressed her satisfaction with the decision during an appearance on one of the podcast interviews.

Did you know?

As per the data by SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology), egg-freezing cycles increased by 31% in 2021!

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing ( known as mature oocyte cryopreservation) is a method of preserving a woman’s ability to become pregnant in the future. Unfertilized eggs are harvested from the ovaries and frozen for later use, where they are combined with sperm and manually implanted in the uterus.

What does the egg freezing procedure involve?

Under the able guidance of Dr. Girraj; IVF Centre in Jaipur, the procedure for freezing your eggs with Zivia is as follows:

  • You must have blood tests for infection (hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS) before freezing your eggs.
  • Next, injections are used to stimulate the production of a large number of eggs in your ovaries.
  • Your eggs are then collected and frozen during a procedure that requires a general anaesthetic.
  • When you’re ready to start trying for a baby, the eggs are thawed and fertilized by injecting sperm into the egg.

Is there a right time to freeze your eggs?

We at Zivia generally recommend freezing your eggs in your late twenties or early thirties to give yourself the best chance of success. In case you are diagnosed with any sort of health issue or illness that may reduce the quality and quantity of your eggs, you should consider freezing them even sooner. Your IVF Specialist in Jaipur, Dr. Girraj will collaborate with you to develop a plan and provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

One of the best aspects of egg freezing is that you also freeze your eggs after the age of 40. Nevertheless, as the number of eggs produced by the body decreases, the number of eggs that can be extracted and frozen will be limited. Pregnancy rates are lower when eggs are frozen after the age of 35, so freezing eggs much earlier is often advised. Donated eggs from a younger woman are typically recommended for women who are more than 40 years old and have surpassed the age of fertility.

Furthermore, many celebrities recommend multiple rounds of egg freezing if possible, as it gives you more options in the future.

Apart from age, what are the other reasons one should opt for egg freezing?

Several other factors can lay an impact on the quantity and quality of your eggs.

These could include:

  • During IVF or In vitro fertilisation
  • Delayed pregnancy
  • Physical problems like infections or organ failure
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy to treat cancer or other illnesses.

By freezing your eggs, you give yourself the option of storing them for later use. Many women prefer egg freezing to embryo freezing for ethical or religious reasons.

What are the benefits of egg freezing?

For women who are not yet mentally ready to become pregnant but want to conceive in their thirties, egg freezing is a safe option. One of the most imperative benefits of this technique is that it is a multi-step process that does not require donor sperm and can be fertilized at the time of conception.


Celebrities endorsing egg freezing highlight the importance of reproductive autonomy and the benefits it can bring to women’s lives. Their candor about their own experiences promotes discussions about fertility preservation and empowers women to make informed reproductive health decisions.

Their perspectives, as prominent figures, resonate with many women who may be facing similar choices and challenges. Also, it raises awareness about the options available to women and helps dispel myths or stigmas associated with the procedure. All these influencers reverberating such positive experiences itself proves that there is nothing to feel culpable or awkward about taking up the process. Rather, egg freezing is paving a path to a brighter future for women as well as empowering them to fight all odds to achieve social, professional and personal goals.

Nonetheless, celebrities undergoing the process does not exclusively mean that the egg-freezing procedure isn’t accessible to common people. It is very much now a common phenomenon, and you only need to find the right fertility center for it!

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